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What is Earth-crete cellular concrete?

Benefits of Earth-crete cellular concrete:

  • Raw Material Savings (No gravel required and less sand)
  • Noncorrosive ( ideal for oceanfront conditions)
  • Sound Absorption (No echo like other conventional concrete)
  • Much more durable than wood construction (reducing maintenance and upkeep costs)
  • Provides 100% compaction to fill spaces entirely without shrinkage
  • Low water absorption and permeability (eliminates termites/insects/rodents as found with wood construction).
  • Shock wave absorption resulting from Earthquakes/Hurricanes
  • Resistant to High heat and High freeze conditions.
  • Provides excellent Thermal Insulation (up to 500% better insulation)
  • Provides Improved Fire–Rating (Saves on Insurance costs)
  • High slump (virtually self-leveling)
  • Steel–Reinforcement (less steel required as less dead-load)
  • Offers a broad range of densities and compressive strengths
  • Lightweight (reduces transportation costs)
  • Panels poured at factory or at building site

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